Dynamic Fascial ResponseTM (DFR) Technique

What is DFR?

If what you have in your practitioner’s toolbox is not resolving your client’s pain, it may be because the pain is being held in the fascia. Fascial restrictions can happen via a physical and even emotional impact. Dynamic Fascial Response™ is a valuable tool and the best investment for a successful massage practice with happy clients and inspired practitioners. Make sure your team signs up for free tutorials.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and attend our live and or zoom classes.  Above all, make sure to purchase the DFR™ Book.  It is a step by step handbook, much of which is applicable to ALL clientele (not only prenatal).

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Dynamic Fascial Response Book

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  • "Chula’s class gave me a well rounded understanding of prenatal massage and postnatal care. Her teaching style is organized, focused, and kind. She will wait until every last person is on the same page before moving on. I will continue to take every class she offers and encourage fellow body workers to do the same!"

  • “She was very patient and clear and very easy to pay attention to. Her enthusiasm for the subject was contagious”

  • “I really appreciate the book and all of the reference material that was provided”

  • “I loved all of the fascia techniques and Chula was very organized.”

  • “I’ve had several opportunities to utilize my training. At work I’ve been using the labor stimulation points to help with inductions, and have been doing a LOT of cross fiber work in the back area."

    A labor and delivery nurse/trained doula
  • “I have found this course invaluable, not just for being able to work with prenatal clients, but for returning to my bodywork roots and once more finding my voice with which to perform…”

  • “I feel much more confident and comfortable with the idea of working with prenatal clients”

  • “This course is amazing! It has made me more aware of my working posture and how to connect it”

  • “I feel confident and proud announcing that I do prenatal massage. The bonus is that a lot of what I learned can be used on my other clients”

  • “I like that Chula showed us the proper techniques and then allowed us to modify them to our specific style”

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