Dynamic Fascial Response™

Every successful massage therapist got to the top by making smart choices and manifesting new opportunities that opened for them.


Dynamic Fascial Response is a doorway to a whole new way of working with the body and
the opportunities you will experience from knowing this bodywork will take your career to a new level!

Dynamic Fascial Response™ empowers and educates professional massage therapists through advanced bodywork courses so that you can:

  • Make a bigger impact for your clients

  • Earn more income

  • Have a balanced work schedule

  • Have time for a healthy lifestyle

  • Increase your clientele

You deserve to see results from your hard work but until you have the skills that back your service fee, you probably wont raise your prices.  On a limited income, it’s impossible to live a balanced lifestyle. You are probably working way more than you should be.

Great news! Burnout is not inevitable when you have DFR by your side. With DFR advanced bodywork knowledge you can charge more, work less and enjoy your life while helping clients enjoy theirs!

Dynamic Fascial Response

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