Dynamic Fascial Response: Rotator Cuff, Frozen Shoulder and Carpal Tunnel Treatments FRI SEPT 28, 2018

I can’t wait to share this shoulder work with you! Active and passive pin and stretch, traction and compression and resistance and release work are used to help improve posture, open range of motion  and release wrapped points. The work helps to offer more lasting  fluidity, flexibility and ease to your clientele after your session with  them.

This course is for professionals only.

25% Lecture
25% Demo
50% Practice time and problem solving with other professionals.

Get inspired with new effective methods.

Dynamic Fascial Response™ techniques will help most rotator cuff, shoulder and carpal tunnel issues for your clientele.

We will review the anatomy involved in fascial bodywork techniques addressing rotator cuff and carpal tunnel issues.

Learn pin and stretch / resistance and release and fascial release foundational understanding and techniques.

Learn effective methods to open your client’s range of motion.

Learn post-surgery techniques, Intake procedures, medical release forms and when they are needed.

Open range of motion, increase circulation and speed up healing.

Receive bodywork from other professionals.

A demo of a technique using ancient Chinese cupping will be included in this class as an extra bonus.

Enjoy a day of fresh inspiration to feed the success of your practice.
Cedar Ridge Center
DATE: FRI SEPT 28, 2018
TIME: 9am-6pm EARN 8 CEU’s , NCBTMB Approved
Price: $150
Class is limited in size.

RESERVE: your place with a $50 DEPOSIT

DISCOUNT: Early Bird Discount
$125 if Paid in full by Aug. 1
$150 after June 23rd.
Material Fee: $5-10 (will be announced) to be collected day of class

* REFUND POLICY: All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

CONTACT: Chula Gemignani chulagem@gmail.com

Chula Gemignani is vetted and approved for providing Continued Education Units by the National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Dynamic Fascial Response™ is healing modality created from Chula Gemignani’s years of experience. It is a blend of structural therapies and foundational philosophy that induce a ‘dialog’ of activation and response between the practitioner and the fascia/client body. The response in the fascia releases holding patterns in the fascial body and as a result, both physiological and emotional changes occur. This method resources and repurposes the stuck patterns and can heal trauma, relieve pain, improve posture and health and above all promote peace.

This bodywork may involve passive or active client participation.

Students who receive a minimum 24 hours in DFR courses and have video taped proof or instructor approval of student’s proficiency of the material learned are free to use the terminology Dynamic Fascial Response™ for their work.
“Chula’s class gave me a well rounded understanding of prenatal massage and postnatal care. Her teaching style is organized, focused, and kind. She will wait until every last person is on the same page before moving on. I will continue to take every class she offers and encourage fellow body workers to do the same!”

“Chula is one of the best teachers I have ever had. This structural work is difficult for me but she made it much easier for me and was very patient and clear and very easy to pay attention to. Her enthusiasm for the subject was contagious”

“I really appreciate the book and all of the reference material that was provided”

“I loved all of the fascia techniques and Chula was very organized.”

All content of this website is not a replacement for medical diagnosis.

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