About DFR Certification

About DFR Certification

Chula Linda Gemignani is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and offers continuing education and certification on DFR and Pregnancy Massage.

DFR Certification – Program Description

  • Augment your portfolio of skills with a new specialty area with
    advanced training in Dynamic Fascia Response
  • A minimum 35 hours in DFR™ courses available on-line and in-person [Continuing Education [CEUs]
  • Test and validation of student proficiency by NCBTMB approved instructor.

Student Eligibility

Only professionals (massage therapists, doulas. midwives, chiropractors, physical therapists and nurses) will be accepted as students. Some exceptions of professionals working in other manual therapies may be considered.

Additional Benefits

  • Students who complete certification may use the terminology “Dynamic Fascial Response™“ in their work.
  • Students will be listed on the DFR practitioner referral site.


Certification can be achieved through in-person classes or through the DFR on-line courses. Students who receive a minimum 35 hours in DFR™ courses and present recorded video proof via live zoom session OR instructor approval of student’s proficiency of the material learned will receive a DFR certification and pregnancy massage certification for completion of hours.

Online DFR Certification Requirements

In-Person / Live DFR Certification Requirements


  • Complete THREE in-person DFR courses or the Pregnancy Massage Course
  • Must complete and pass all course tests.
  • Private tutorial if needed (100.00)
  • Practice steps for one week on clients
  • Student will perform a full 90 min DFR session with live model, while instructor observes.

DFR Code of Conduct

  • DFR™ reserves the right to remove any practitioner from their website for misconduct. Misconduct includes but is not limited to sexual, ethical and occupational.
  • There will be no touch other than that which is non sexual and fully consensual.

  • There will be no “isms” No racism, size-ism, identity-ism, age-ism, etc. tolerated in the DFR™ community which prides itself on inclusion.

  • The DFR™ practitioner will never diagnose a client or work outside of their scope of practice.


NCBTMB CEU providers are carefully vetted through a rigorous application process. Because of this NCBTMB courses are respected and recognized by many U.S. states. Check with your state’s massage board for updates. You will get a certificate at the end of this training; however I am not a certifying entity. So it will show that you have completed 42 hours of training in pregnancy massage.


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