About the Founder

About the Founder

About Chula Linda Gemignani

CMT, Bodyworker, DFR™ Founder, Instructor, Author, Somatic NLP Coach

I want to offer a warm welcome to you for visiting my website. I hope we get to know each other soon and meanwhile, here is a little about me.

I’ve dedicated my heart and soul to the world of massage therapy for the past 20 years. I have had a passion for healing touch since I was a child and eventually it led me to become a Certified Massage Therapist.  In 2009, I discovered the joyful and rewarding specialty of pregnancy massage.

Throughout this incredible journey, I’ve developed a unique and nurturing style that has allowed me to maintain a thriving practice. But it doesn’t stop there. My most cherished creation is Dynamic Fascial Response™ (DFR), a massage approach that’s like a symphony of healing.

DFR was always just something I did and it grew and developed over time to what it is today. As more and more clients requested that I teach other practitioners how to do what I do, I decided in 2017 to put it into words and formal development so that I could pass it on to other practitioners with clarity.

DFR blends various massage modalities, structural therapies, and a deep-seated philosophy to unlock the fascial restrictions that can hold us back. DFR isn’t just my work; it’s my heart’s work. I’ve witnessed it heal trauma, relieve pain, transform postures, and uplift overall health. The gratitude from both clients and fellow practitioners warms my heart and keeps me dedicated to this path.

In addition to massage and bodywork, I’m also a neuro-linguistic, trauma-informed somatic coach, and the author of “A Dynamic Guide To Pregnancy Massage: Prenatal, Labor Support, and Postpartum Massage.” This book is my love letter to the advanced studies of pregnancy massage and Dynamic Fascial Response™ bodywork. I identify as non-binary and so I wrote the book in non-binary language so that it could be read as an all-inclusive book honoring all pregnant people and not exclusively “she/her/mothers”.

I’m incredibly honored to be approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider. This recognition allows me to share my expertise through courses and certification programs, spreading the power of DFR and pregnancy massage far and wide. Thank you for letting me share my heartfelt journey with you. It’s a privilege to be a part of this world of healing and transformation.