A Dynamic Guide to Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal, Labor Stimulation, Labor Support and Postpartum Massage

A Practical Guide for Professional Bodyworkers, Nurses and Doulas

By Chula Gemignani CMT, Dynamic Fascial ResponseTM, DFR

This comprehensive book provides resources of wisdom and skill for bodyworkers and massage therapists. It also includes a few sections that fall within the scope of practice of nurses and doulas. Your pregnant clients will feel safe, well cared for and supported throughout their entire experience and you’ll feel more confident and capable to offer the great bodywork that they and their developing babies deserve.

“This book has helped me with my patients in the hospital and in my doula work.  DFR side-lying positioning is great for every nurse to know and I find it perfect for hospital beds. I use the labor support all the time for back labor pain and it works!
– Angela, Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse and Doula

“This book is a great resource. DFR explores categories and subcategories that I hadn’t explored before and I have over 500 hours in education and plenty more in experience.  I use it often in my practice as an informative reference source. All bodyworkers would benefit from owning this book and I also highly recommend taking Chula’s training! “
– Marah, Massage Therapist

The knowledge of fascial unwinding and the confidence of a pregnancy massage specialist can offer your client a great deal more in terms of assessment and care.

This advanced training manual teaches…

  • Easy DFR approach step-by-step massage guide with photos and diagrams.
  • How to achieve deep bodywork with safe methods for a prenatal client.
  • Dynamic Fascial ResponseTM, a structural and somatic approach to bodywork helps support your prenatal client as their body integrates through the many physiological changes experienced during pregnancy.
  • Knowledge in pregnancy complications and conditions allows you the confidence to support your prenatal client safely while still offering a great bodywork session that helps integrate their stages of pregnancy.
  • How to observe your client’s progress and when to advise the client to consult with their prenatal care provider if you suspect any unhealthy conditions.
  • Correct positioning and flawless draping that will never compromise your clients’ body or feeling of safety.
  • The full array of contraindicated modalities, positioning and acupressure points on the pregnant body.
  • The physical and emotional stages experienced throughout pregnancy.
  • Labor support massage.
  • Postpartum massage.
  • Spiral Bound and Opens Flat for Hands-free Reading.

40 Semi-Reclined Steps

Gastric Motility, Intra Oral, Neck and Shoulders, and Carpal Tunnel

25 Side-lying Steps Addressing

Low Back, Hip, Pelvis, Legs, Posterior Chain


Stimulation and Support in the 3 stages of Labor

40 Postpartum Steps + BONUS Section

Fascial Unwinding for Scoliosis!

About the Author

Bodyworker, Dynamic Fascial ResponseTM, DFR Founder, Instructor, Somatic NLP Practitioner
Author of the Dynamic Guide to Pregnancy

Chula is a certified massage therapist, pregnancy massage specialist, somatic  healer and instructor of massage.  She teaches a healing massage method that she developed called Dynamic Fascial ResponseTM approach.  DFR is a blend of structural therapy and foundational philosophy.  In DFR, a blend of fascial unwinding, pin and stretch, traction and compression, and resistance and release (to name a few modalities) will open range of motion, improve posture,  relieve tension and pain, help digestion and improve overall health.

Similar to the energy between the sun and rain that results in a rainbow, one can imagine the energy between the hand of the practitioner and the restricted fascia. It’s within the space between the fascia and the hand, between the intention of the client and that of the practitioner -that DFR’s principles and philosophy facilitate a dynamic, kinesthetic communication, the essential energy that creates change. Read more…

DFR travels! If you’re interested in having a DFR training come to your state, feel free to contact Chula today.

Chula saw the need for a book that speaks to all populations including non-binary gestating people and has written this book in a language that excludes no one.  In doing so, the terms she, her, mother, motherly, mothering and maternal have been omitted and replaced with client/pregnant client.

Book Reviews

“Excited to see this book on the shelf for all to access.  This is such great work, from such a great angle”
-Kevin Ruszel CMT

“This book s a wealth of knowledge backed by pure wisdom.  It was created with heart, pupose and is infused with soul-guided gifts.  With this book, bodyworkers and birth-workers alike are provided with a rich and beautiful process to serve people at all stages of their pregnancy including the crucial postpartum “fourth trimester” safely with great care.”
– Maia Rose Bingham, Doula in training

“A Dynamic Guide to Pregnancy Massage is a powerful guide to understanding pregnancy on many levels not explained in other books or guides out in the industry”
– Edward Kaulana Scalise LMT

This book is filled with so much need-to-know information for any practitioner beginning to venture out into this field.  Chula offers very clear and easy-to-understand instructions on how to preform the massage techniques and the photos provided are tremendously helpful.  It will be a great tool for years to come”
– Saran Nuth, Occupational Therapist, specializing in pregnant clientele

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