Find a DFR™ Practitioner Near You!

Find a DFR™ Practitioner Near You!


Chula Gemignani CMT, Somatic NLP DFR™ Bodywork Instructor and Author of A Dynamic Guide to Pregnancy Massage

Nevada City, CA

Chula offers Dynamic Fascial Response™, Somatic NLP coaching, DFR™ pregnancy massage, massage instruction and more!

Anja M.L-G Frydendal CMT

Grass Valley, CA

(530) 320-9930

Anja (pronounced Ahnyah) Offers Dynamic Fascial Response™ bodywork, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, DFR™ Pregnancy Massage*, Facilitated Stretching, Acupressure and Reiki

Lynn Schumann CMT

Grass Valley, CA

(530) 205-7254

Lynn Schumann offers Dynamic Fascial Response™ bodywork, Swedish/therapeutic, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, DFR™ pregnancy massage* and craniosacral therapies.

Marah DeFlavia CMT

Nevada City, CA

(484) 302-1678

Marah DeFlavia practices Dynamic Fascial Response™, DFR™ pregnancy massage* and craniosacral therapy.

Michele Appleby CMT

Grass Valley, CA

(530) 798-9101

Michele is a massage therapist and Pilates instructor. Her training is extensive including but not limited to Dynamic Fascial Response™, Thai, Chi Nei Tsang, deep tissue, Morales method, DFR™ pregnancy massage*.

Brooke Poletti CMT Ritual Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork

Auburn, CA

(530) 305-3284

Certified in Dynamic Fascial Response™, Therapeutic Massage, ACE Massage Cupping, DFR™ Pregnancy Massage*. Brooke balances her comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology with a compassionate touch to provide a therapeutic yet deeply relaxing and nourishing experience.

Savannah Newman CMT, Massage by Savannah Newman

Roseville, CA


Instagram: @savannahcmt

Savannah offers Dynamic Fascial Response™ Bodywork, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Gua Sha Facial Massage and DFR Pregnancy Massage*

Angella Thrash CMT

Granite Bay, CA

(916) 662-0287

Angella is certified in Dynamic Fascial Response™ bodywork, deep tissue, trigger point, DFR™ pregnancy massage*, sports, hot stone, thai poultice and more!

Jason R. Clark CMT

Sacramento, CA

(916) 600-8433

Jason offers Dynamic Fascial Response™ bodywork and DFR™ pregnancy massage*. San Jose / San Francisco / Oakland Counties

Jayne Illovsky CMT

Oakland, CA


Jayne offers Dynamic Fascial Response™, DFR™ pregnancy massage*, deep tissue and so much more!

Lorena Sanchez CMT

San Francisco, CA


Lorena offers Dynamic Fascial Response™ bodywork, DFR™ pregnancy massage*, deep tissue, Esthetician services and so much more!

Michelle Baillio LMT

5800 Berkman Dr. Austin, TX 78723


Empower Massage Studio helps women on their journey through motherhood to prioritize their physical and mental health and find healing through bodywork. Certified Dynamic Fascial Response™ Bodywork and DFR ™ pregnancy massage.

Seva Nibly CMT

Lehi, UT


Seva is an ayurvedic wellness practitioner, is certified in Dynamic Fascial Response™ and DFR™ pregnancy massage*.

Kassie Poye LMT

Ogdensburg, WI

920 221 8660

Poema Massage & Bodywork

Dynamic Fascia Response™ bodywork, DFR™ pregnancy massage*, Swedish and Acupressure. Kassie blends together the art and science of various modalities to create a holistic somatic massage experience that melts tight spots, releases holding patterns, and provides a highly nurturing end-feel.

Edward Kaulana Scalise CMT

Hawi, Big Island Of Hawaii

Edward offers Dynamic Fascia Response™ bodywork, pregnancy massage*, Lomilomi

Diane Ritter CMT



Diane offers massage, pregnancy massage and Dynamic Fascial Response™ Bodywork

Nita Guedes CMT

Grass Valley, CA

(971) 985-0166

Nita Guedes offers DFR, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Astrology Readings, DFR pregnancy massage, she’s inspired in her Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda studies.

Vivé Elizabeth Curran,CMT.

Sausalito and Grass Valley, CA


Vivé has been devoted to studying and practicing massage therapy since 2003. Her specialties include Deep Bodywork, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Esalen, Traditional Thai Massage, DFR Pregnancy Massage and Dynamic Fascial Response. Vivé loves facilitating healing journeys, supporting others to find freedom within their hearts, bodies, and spirits. Her intention is to help us lighten
our loads so we can walk more gently upon Mother Earth.

Susan Perko CMT

(530) 802-6729

Susan Perko has over 20 years of massage experience. She studied at the Florida School of Massage. Her practice is informed through Yoga and dance and motherhood. She practices both DFR pregnancy massage and Dynamic Fascial Response.

Lizzy Sizzon LMT

(775) 203-8501

Lizzy has been a dedicated practitioner of massage therapy since 2005. She empowers clients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts.
Lizzy holds a certification in DFR Pregnancy Massage and Dynamic Fascial Response.

PLEASE NOTE:  DFR does not guarantee that each practitioner listed is keeping up with their state’s licensing requirements. Any outreach and engagement with these practitioners beyond this website listing is solely the website visitor’s responsibility.