My New Year’s Resolution

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Chula on a balcony in Nevada City with warm tea in her hand and one hand on heart

Cheers to an amazing 2023!

As the years pass, I find that I dislike goal-oriented new year’s resolutions. “Get this done, do that, stop doing this or that”. This year, I’m taking a new approach and leaving all the pressure, headiness and lack of embodiment that goes into resolutions behind me.

Let’s face it, life is short and why spend it focused on goals, successes or failures when you can be immersed in the journey, fully present , in joy and at peace with yourself?

If you have set a New Years resolution, I’ll still cheer you on however, I also invite you to also choose a word for 2023. You can even use my word if you want!

Instead of setting unrealistic goals like I often do, this year I have chosen an empowering New Year’s word to live by. This is not a resolution to get something done or quit something. Instead, it’s the background theme to everything I’m doing. It’s an enjoyable state-of-being not a task, rule, deadline or parameter.

2023’s New Year’s Resolution is Simultaneality.

Yes, I sometimes make up words. How do you think Urban Dictionary gets their words? 😆 Well, I’m not exactly sure how they get some of their words (LOL) but If there is not a word that describes exactly what I am feeling I can find it if I pause and tune in to what it is I am embodying.

Si-mul-tan-e-al-it-y : The state-of-mind or realization that everything is happening simultaneously and that ‘possibilities’ are living, breathing parts of every moment not something that comes to those who wait. When we embody this reality we embrace that so many things are happening at the same time, even our beliefs around them.

In a state of Simultaneality there is no sense of urgency, no definitive black and white ideas/judgements and/or emotions. When embodied with Simultaneality, we can let go of goal-driven lifestyles and live more open-heartedly to all of the possibilities that are unfolding in every given moment. This shift creates more capacity and allowance for our own life experience and our experience of others. Simultaneously to the perception of any said idea, so many other possibilities are alive!

In a state of simultaneality
our capacity for life’s experience

So instead, for my new year’s resolution, I choose a state of Simultaneality. It is ALL HAPPENING and I am embodying it. My goals, my dreams, my reality.  There is no failure because I am allowing it all to be. I already feel so much more joy!

As the days go by and I pour my heart and soul into a soon-to-come beautiful offering for all massage therapists, many other things will be experienced in my life. Some wonderful, some challenging -because this is life. But in all that happens, endless possibilities are happening simultaneously. In this state-of-mind, magic will occur because there is a true open door and endless capacity that I feel in my entire being and that embodiment is such a full kinesthetic YES that whatever unfolds in 2023 is going to be AMAZING!

So, I wish you the best in your own new year and give you this word Simultaneality to try on. Or choose an empowering word that you resonate with which can be a theme for you. You can even make one up! Let me know how it goes!

I’m SO excited for 2023! Yesterday, I opened up final cut pro and started editing footage again!

I have something very special in store for you!

Simultaneously 😉, folks with career goals are signing up for my next course in April! 

April 1, 2, 3, 8, 9th from 9 AM to 6 PM  April 10 exam from 10 AM to 12 PM.

You have the opportunity to come to my sweet home in Nevada City to experience taking this course
in an intimate setting LIVE or join via ZOOM.

This course is coming up fast! Are you signed up yet? Class is limited in size and
I have a couple LIVE spots left and a few zoom seats LEFT. We would LOVE for you to join us as we make bodyworkers out of massage therapists, enriching careers with life changing skills and resources to last a lifetime!

Check it out by clicking HERE

You will learn:

  • My map and what I see when assessing clients
  • The DFR™ approach and how it helps alignment, increases ROM and produces life-changing client results!
  • Fascial unwinding techniques that make your work stand out from the rest!
  • Side-lying moves that take your low back pain sessions to the NEXT LEVEL!
  • You will learn and embrace the fact that treating the pregnant body as ‘fragile’ is fallacy because pregnant people are strong and need incredible bodywork not superficial rub downs!
  • Knowing pregnancy conditions and complications, special positioning and contraindications is not that complicated and I will map out everything you need to know to feel confident offering deep bodywork to pregnant clientele.
  • Intraoral work for TMJD

Stay tuned in the next couple weeks and expect a free video tutorial!
My free tutorials are yours when you sign up for my newsletter!

Massage therapist (Chula Gemignani) teaching a zoom class with client on table. Her new year's resolution is the state of simulteneality

I’m so excited for this next round of classes in Dynamic Fascial Response!

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