My love of photography has recently inspired  photo sessions for my clients.  By the time they come for their photo session, we have been working with each other through massage for some time and have developed a trusting rapport. I studied figurative painting in college and I have taken what I learned about form and light and started applying it to my photo sessions.  I love to celebrate the human body and precious moments of our lives through this art!


Sistah Dom Black bacground Sistah D Laughing Jon Wondergem LuthierieKatie.dreadlocks





Katie.priestessMaria wreath and shawl looking downMaria dreamyCameron Priestess Color

blue and white cameron sahar goddess gazing Sahar hand on back smile Ananda Vaugh Guitar on lap BandW copy Ananda Vaughan Blue copy JON Landscape copy Maria Laughing minus top flowerMaria wreath shawl top holding babyMaria looking down

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