6-day Pregnancy Massage Certification – 42CEUS


6-day Pregnancy Massage Certification – 42CEUS

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Join us in Fall 2024!
Oct 12, 13, 14 and 19, 20, 21

If course shows “sold out” at checkout, email us info@dynamicfascialresponse.com to get on the waiting list.

About The Course

  • You will learn and be certified in the advance bodywork approach of Dynamic Fascial Response™

    DFR is a unique approach to bodywork that blends structural therapies and foundational philosophy that help release restrictions and non-optimal patterns in the fascia.This course will provide detailed guidance for practitioners on the DFR methodology and will help them obtain a flawless quality of touch while preserving a practitioner’s strength and stamina.

  • You will learn and be certified in the specialty area of pregnancy massage.

  • You will learn fundamentals of pregnancy massage and the techniques that utilize the DFR™ approach to offer pregnant clientele the deep bodywork that they need.

  • You will be tested and receive validation of student proficiency by Chula who is an NCBTMB approved instructor.

  • A bonus optional A-Z clinic is included.  After the exam is taken, the last 2 hours of this course are dedicated to student Q and A for the instructor to clarify any steps you want to review before departure.

Course Description:

Part 1

The prerequisite for this certificate is to take our fundamentals course online. Once registered you will receive a coupon code for access. This course is 90% reading material and one quiz. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete.  Click here to access “Fundamental Knowledge For The Pregnancy Massage Specialist” Online course. Complete BEFORE coming to Day 1 of the course.

Part 2 – First weekend

Day 1 and 2 -Side-lying  massage for hip and low back release with DFR bodywork plus semi-reclined for correcting gate, massaging a pregnant belly and addressing round ligament issues..

Day 3 -Intraoral work for TMJD, neck and shoulders

Part 3 – Second Weekend

Day 4 – Learn the DFR Labor Induction Session and Labor Support
Practice Day for the Live Exam

Day 5 – Steps 1-40 of Advanced DFR Bodywork and Postpartum Massage

Day 6 – Live Exam, Q and A


  • Evening soaks in Jacuzzi
  • Sound healing experience
  • Fire circles when applicable
  • Visiting Historic Nevada City

Meals and Snacks

Abundant snacks and tea are available every day. There is a refrigerator to store food.  Bring your own lunches. Evening potlucks have been co-creations but never expected. Nevada City is know for excellent restaurants as well.

Student Eligibility

Only professionals (massage therapists, doulas. midwives, chiropractors, physical therapists and nurses) will be accepted as students. Some exceptions of professionals working in other manual therapies may be considered.

Each enrolling student will read and email the “Pledge”(click to link)

2024 Schedule and Details

The course is broken down into two parts:

Part 1 – Oct 12, 13, 14 from 9AM-6PM

Part 2 -Oct 19, 20, 21  9 AM to 6 PM; Oct 21 exam from 10 AM to 1 PM Q and A 2-3pm


Book is included.  A list of all other supplies needed will be emailed to you after signing up.


This course is offered LIVE in Nevada City, California.


There are many Airbnbs in Nevada City. Notify Chula if you need help finding something. She may have some space to offer at a nominal fee.

Alternative Course Options

If you are not able to attend the full in-person course, or wish to attend only specific segments of the course, we offer a-la-carte options. Please go to the Course Segments (with à la carte) tab.

Our upcoming Fall 2024 event is the course we have all been waiting for!

This Course in Dynamic Fascial Response™ Teaches Advanced DFR Bodywork to
Professional Massage Therapists & Leaves You With A Pregnancy Massage Specialty To Add On To Your Career!

Enjoy a six day advanced massage course in the Sierra Nevada Foothills while earning 42 CEUs (NCBTMB) and getting a double certification in Dynamic Fascial Response™ and Pregnancy Massage. Your days will be filled with an amazing course and evenings in beautiful Nevada City!

**EARLY BIRD Discount Ends on Aug 1st**

** Space is Limited to 8 students – Sign up today!**

This Course is for professional massage therapists.

DFR and Pregnancy Massage Certification Course Segments

If you are not able to attend the full in-person 6-Day Pregnancy Massage Certification Course, you may attend individual segment days. Below are the a la carte classes and descriptions of each day of the certification. You are welcome to take each class for 8 CEUs; Taking all six classes earns you 42 CEUs and a double certification in DFR and Pregnancy Massage.

Click on each class for descriptions and to sign up.

Day 1 & 2: Side-Lying Massage and Bodywork 8CEUs

Description: Side-Lying Positioning Steps 1-25: Low back and hip release, posterior chain unwinding: back, hamstrings, calves, pubic symphysis alignment technique for pubic pain First Half of Semi-reclined Positioning Steps 1-13: correcting “duck walk”, gastric motility point, belly, addressing rib pain, round ligament pain, feet

This class is also a prerequisite for the DFR Pregnancy Massage Certification. The skills you learn in this class is valuable knowledge for any massage therapist ttreating low back issues and will introduce the practitioner to semi reclined bodywork. This class satisfies the Day 1 requirement for the DFR™ 42 hour Pregnancy Massage Certification. And 8 of the 35 hour live class portion of DFR™ practitioner requirements. click here to take this class on its own

Day 3: Semi Reclined/ Supine Massage and Bodywork 8CEUs

Steps 14-40 Semi Reclined and Supine Positioning: Addressing TMJD with external and intraoral jaw / cranial tension release, somatic breathing technique, for releasing jaw and pelvic tension, craniosacral balancing, anterior ventral unwinding, addressing neck, shoulders, pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome

This class is relevant for all client populations. You will learn intraoral (inside mouth with gloved hand) work to address TMJD. This class also satisfies the supine and semi reclined positioning requirement for the DFR™ 42 hour Pregnancy Massage Certification. And 8 of the 35 hour live class portion of DFR™ practitioner requirements. It is also a prerequisite for the DFR Pregnancy Massage Certification and great knowledge for any massage therapist to have. Click here to take this class on its own

A DFR Practitoner and model enjoying a pin and stretch moment.

Day 4: Scoliosis/Postpartum Massage and DFR Advanced Bodywork 8CEUs

This class presents a signature DFR bodywork class featuring dynamic bodywork techniques with ventral fascia unwinding, psoas pin ans stretch, resistance and release, traction and compression.  These steps support anyone wanting a deep sense of alignment who are tired of spending money on sessions that don’t make a lasting change.  This is the DFR work that brings home the five star reviews!

Your scoliosis clients will praise you! All steps learned can be applied to postpartum clientele as well. This class also satisfies the postpartum requirement for the DFR™ 42 hour Pregnancy Massage Certification. And 8 of the 35 hour live class portion of DFR™ practitioner requirements. It is also a prerequisite for the DFR Pregnancy Massage Certification and great knowledge for any massage therapist to have.

Day 5: Birth Support Massage 4CEUs

BIRTH SUPPORT CLASS May 9am-1pm: Techniques for Physical Support – DOULA TOUCH- 4 CEs

1-2pm Lunch Followed by 2pm-6pm DFR REVIEW FOR LIVE EXAM/ DFR Clinic

Join us for 4 hours of learning healing touch and emotional rapport skills to support the pregnant, laboring and postpartum client.

Doulas, birth teams and massage therapists are all welcome.

You will learn hands-on therapeutic touch to:

  • Help stimulate and help progress labor
  • Help ease labor pains
  • Support the hip and low back during labor
  • Support the neck and shoulders of the nursing, postpartum client.
  • Self Care healing touch to support the doula and client.

DFR EXAM REVIEW AND DFR CLINIC: In the second half of this day steps will be given to you to weave into your pregnancy massage session and you will practice them with my supervision and coaching as needed.

Day 6 (three hours only) LIVE EXAM 2CEUs

NOTE: NCBTMB teachers are carefully vetted through a rigorous application process. Because of this, their courses are recognized by many U.S. states. Check with your state’s massage board for CE requirements as these CE’s may work for you!)

Kevin Ruszel CMT - June 14, 2023

“I love Chula’s Approach. The class is very well organized.”

Saran Nuth, Occupational Therapist, specializing in pregnant clientele - June 14, 2023

“Chula is a wonderful instructor and highly skilled as a pregnancy/postpartum specialist. Her class was interactive and very engaging from start to end. I’m so glad to receive the training from Chula.”

Edward Kaulana Scalise LMT - June 14, 2023

“If you want you life and your massage business to transform beyond where you currently are, attend Chula’s Pregnancy Massage Workshop. You will grow professionally and personally on many levels.”

Kassie Poye, Massage Therapist at Ensage Massage & Yoga - June 14, 2023

“DFR bodywork has taught me such amazing techniques! Fantastic course! Chula’s passion for her work, her clients and all humankind shine through beautifully!”

Maia Rose Bingham, Doula in training - June 14, 2023

“The philosophy, method and practice of DFR prepared me to deepen my services. It provides massage therapists and birth-workers with a deep well of knowledge and wisdom towrds a path of vgreater confidence to work with the pregnant client.”

Lorena Sanchez, Massage Therapist and Esthetician at Unfiltered Beauty San Francisco - June 14, 2023

“Chula is very knowledgeable and passionate. I am extra excited about the labor induction skills that I learned! I feel more confident and well rounded as a therapist.”!


Cancellation / Refund Policy:

Cancellations of at least 30 days prior to start date, before event receive 50% refund on course purchase; less than 30 days prior, nonrefundable.   Due to limited attendance and availability, we cannot guarantee refunds for attendee cancellation requests.  Under no circumstances will we be responsible for refunds for airline, hotel, or car reservations.

Photos and Video:

By signing up and and entering the course, you are permitting us to utilize any photos or videos containing your image as taken at the course for the purpose of advertising.

Other Agreements:
All students are required to treat each other with kindness and care.

Racism, Sizism, Heterosexism, and Trans and Gender Binarism will not be tolerated.  We cultivate an all-inclusive environment and violators will be asked to leave.

All students are required to read and agree to the “Student Pledge”

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