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Labor stimulation and acupressure is effective for any pregnant person or birthing team. As a result, your labor contractions may finally get moving. Secondly, you can make a slowly progressing labor progress quicker.

What might be holding you back from birthing that baby? Perhaps all you need is to set a little time aside to induce your birth naturally.

An important fact: After your due date (as long as you have the green light from your midwife or prenatal care provider), you can try natural stimulation.

These natural induction methods support a natural childbirth. Most importantly, rhythmically timed acupressure points in the ankles and other locations ripen the cervix and stimulate labor.

If you face a scheduled hospital induction or c-section you may seek natural induction options first. This guide is a wonderful addition to add to your resources.

As a pregnancy massage specialist, I often will incorporate this work into a relaxing semi-reclined massage and find that I can stimulate all points and offer a wonderful massage in a 90 minute session.

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This chart will help any bodyworker, doula or midwife to encourage the stimulation of labor through applying pressure to 5 points. A map of points and location descriptions as well as a step-by-step instructional of how to apply points, for how long and ways to take care of your own body while doing it is included. This chart can also be gifted to your clients. This chart is not a replacement for medical care. ONLY $5

This is not a replacement for medical care and can only be performed with approval from a prenatal care provider.