Pregnancy Massage: Fundamentals



This day long course focuses on the fundamentals needed in pregnancy massage and is the in-depth study you most likely never received in massage school.

This is a prerequisite for the DFR pregnancy massage certification. You’re welcome to take it on it’s own without the certification and will receive 8CEs either way.

Unlike most DFR courses, this class is 90% discussion. Though is not a class in applied massage it’s the foundational knowledge that every practitioner working with pregnant clientele should carry under their belt. We will discuss the fundamentals of pregnancy massage so you can walk away with a deeper understanding of the subject and the confidence to take good care of your prenatal client. The topics discussed lay the foundation for the pregnancy massage certification in DFR™ but you do not need to be signed up for the certification to take this course.

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Topics of discussion are:

The benefits of pregnancy massage and debunking the myth that pregnancy massage and bodywork would be unsafe.

Pregnancy conditions and complications so you understand when to ask for a medical release, safe methods to use as well as safe positioning.

Understanding the stages of pregnancy’s physiological changes, postural patterns and discomforts and tension.

Contraindicated points. Learn points on the body that can stimulate contraction, ripen the cervix and are great for labor stimulation and support but unsafe to use on your prenatal client.

Proper intake and assessment is different for prenatal clients. Get skilled at flawless intake. Intake forms and medical release forms are provided.

Understanding the circulatory system and how pregnancy affects it.

Keeping your client and their baby safe as well as your career.

Rapport skills for addressing the pregnant client.

Non binary and queer ethics for the pregnant client.

Master side-lying and semi-reclined positioning and develop exceptional draping skills.

Understanding fascia and the benefits fascial unwinding.

Chula designs her classes based on what she would want in a class as a professional having thousands of hours of massage experience. It’s for the practitioner who wants some rocket juice to fuel their practice!

Doulas are Welcome!

Cedar Ridge Center
DATE: Wed. July 24, 2019
TIME: 9am-6pm [ EARN 8 CEU’s, class approved by NCBTMB] PRICE: $150
MATERIALS: You can pay $20 for the basic materials which are a few chapters from Chula’s book or $60 for the entire handbook (recommended).
REFUND POLICY: All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable
CONTACT: Chula Gemignani (530) 798-9998

BUNDLE PRICE: Purchase three 8 CEU courses for a total of $360. ($120/each). Material fees are not included in bundle.

Current Class Schedule:
The following classes can be taken individually or in the process of completing all five segments to receive DFR’s pregnancy massage certification and be featured on our websites referral list.

Segment 1: Wednesday, July 24th 9am-6pm Pregnancy Massage Fundamentals: Contraindicated points, positioning and proper medical release forms when pregnancy conditions and complications are present. This class is a prerequisite for the DFR Pregnancy Massage Certification and great knowledge for any massage therapist to have. Intake forms and medical release forms are provided. 8 CEs

Segment 2: Wednesday, Aug 7th 9am-6pm DFR Massage Class: Side-Lying Positioning for Low Back and Hip Release. This class is relevant for all client populations. It is also a prerequisite for the DFR Pregnancy Massage Certification and great knowledge for any massage therapist to have. 8CEs

Segment 3: Wednesday, August 21st 9am -6pm DFR Birth Support Massage:
For massage therapists, Doulas, Birth Teams, Partners are invited! 8CEs

Segment 4: Wednesday, Aug 28th 9am-6pm DFR Massage Class: Semi-reclined Positioning for Special Populations This class is also a prerequisite for the DFR Pregnancy Massage Certification and great knowledge for any massage therapist to have to treat neck and shoulder issues. 8CEs

Segment 5: Wednesday, Sept 11 9am-6pm DFR Postpartum/Scoliosis Massage Class: This class supports the postpartum client and all steps learned can be applied to scoliosis clientele as well. This class is also a prerequisite for the DFR Pregnancy Massage Certification and great knowledge for any massage therapist to have. 8CEs

5-day Fall Pregnancy Massage Certification
If you prefer to take the course as a whole the next five day is in the Fall:

Wed 9/18, Fri 9/20, Sat 9/21, Sun 9/22, Mon 9/23 (Dates may change to be consecutive Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun.)
PRICE: $650
$600 if paid in full by August 18
Materials: $60

Chula Gemignani is vetted and approved for providing Continued Education Units by the National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Dynamic Fascial Response™ is healing modality created from Chula Gemignani’s years of experience. It is a blend of structural therapies and foundational philosophy that induce a ‘dialog’ of activation and response between the practitioner and the fascia/client body. The response from the fascia releases holding patterns in the fascial body and as a result, both physiological and emotional changes occur. This method resources and repurposes the stuck patterns and can heal trauma, relieve pain, improve posture and health and above all promote peace. Dynamic Fascial Response™ blends the relaxing aspects of massage with the structural benefits of bodywork. Active and passive pin and stretch, traction and compression and resistance and release work are used to help improve posture, open range of motion and release wrapped points. The work helps to offer more lasting fluidity, flexibility and ease to your clientele after your session with them.
“Chula’s class gave me a well rounded understanding of prenatal massage and postnatal care. Her teaching style is organized, focused, and kind. She will wait until every last person is on the same page before moving on. I will continue to take every class she offers and encourage fellow body workers to do the same!”

“She was very patient and clear and very easy to pay attention to. Her enthusiasm for the subject was contagious”

“I really appreciate the book and all of the reference material that was provided.”

” I couldn’t be happier with what I am taking away from this course. I feel re-inspired and excited to try all of these new tricks and for future workshops. Plus- Love the organization of the binder.”

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