Self Care for Asthma and Shortness of Breath


This class is to support anyone suffering from asthma or shortness of breath. I grew up with asthma as a child and it was so frightening to not be able to breathe. What I didn’t know is that shortness of breath is only one symptom and what actually happens is a much deeper depletion than I ever understood. The body needs oxygen for so many reasons. I also didn’t know the acupressure points that can offer almost immediate relief.

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I invite you to sign up this self-care class which will:

-give you a simple explanation of what happens to the body during an asthma attack and the depletion it can cause if it is not addressed immediately
– self-care massage and acupressure sequence that can relieve your symptoms and expand your breath
– healing meditations
– group discussion/remedies others have used for their own healing

The class will be about an hour

Email me if you are interested in this class in the future.

*Massage is not a replacement for medical care.