Pregnancy Massage

The benefits of pregnancy massage vary because a pregnancy massage specialist will not only have the knowledge to support you safely in your prenatal journey.  If you like, the bodyworker can attend your birth and also serve in a supporting role postpartum.  As an instructor of all three stages of pregnancy massage, Chula believes that pregnant clients would be wise to seek out a specialist who understands pregnancy conditions, contraindications, correct positioning as well as the emotional stages the client might be experiencing throughout pregnancy. In choosing a pregnancy massage specialist, the pregnant client and baby will be safe and well cared for.

Chula Linda Gemignani has been a bodyworker for 15 years+ and a prenatal specialist since 2009 after studying under Carole Osborne.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage
Maintaining regular prenatal care will help the circulation remain healthy throughout pregnancy.
Promotes relaxation, lowers cortisol, stress and anxiety and promotes a good sleep.
Promotes a healthy inner environment for the client to grow a baby in.
Promotes body awareness, mobility, flexibility and preparedness to birth the baby.
Offers the client a listening ear to voice any concerns or emotions.
Addresses and treats deeper physiological responses to the stages pregnancy (Digestion, breathing, high blood pressure, blood and lymph circulation).
Prepares the client’s somatic syncing of body and mind for an easier birth.
Addresses and solves bodily pain and tension.
Reduces ligament strain.
Opens the thoracic lumber and ribs, allowing for deeper and easier breathing.
Helps musculoskeletal structural alignment and integration throughout pregnancy, during birth and postpartum.
Strengthens posture.
Prenatal and Postpartum massage grows a peaceful, touch-based core understanding of connection that can travel from massage therapist to client/mom and then from client/mom to baby.
Reduces swelling and cramping.
Reduces carpal tunnel symptoms.
Reduces back pain, sciatica, ribs out, neck, shoulder and jaw tension.
Reduces stretch marks.
The Benefits of At Birth Massage
Reduces ligament strain, and body pain.
Gives the birthing mother ( and Father) the extra support she/he needs.
Prepares the mothers’ body for an easier, quicker birth.
Opens pelvic floor, takes pressure off sacrum and sacral ligaments.
Can help induce a late term pregnancy.

The Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Promotes relaxation and lowers cortisol.
Improves circulation.
Reduces back pain, sciatica, ribs out, neck and shoulder pain from nursing.
Postpartum massage helps with milk production.
Releases muscle strain due to labor and delivery.
Balances hormones which can help decrease the onset of postpartum depression.
Helps the postpartum client heal from birthing the baby through natural childbirth or cesarean.
Prenatal and postpartum massage grows a peaceful, core understanding of connection that can travel from massage therapist to mom and then mom to baby/partner/both.
Offers the mother a listening ear to voice any concerns or emotions.
Promotes peace.

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