Here we are, complex beings navigating this wild ride called life. Parenthood, careers, responsibilities, decisions, choices…
Some days we catch the current, traveling merrily along and other times we struggle upriver in a vessel, heavy with it all. What we experience in life outside of ourselves shows itself in the mirror of our inner world. Polishing our self-relations from time to time helps our mental and physical health since so many emotions are stored in the body. In those tough times, having the support of someone who is trained to help you sort your strategies and inner reality is the key that may unlock resources already very alive in you. They may have been buried by the speed at with we live, by trauma or pain but they are there inside you, awaiting the reclaiming so you can live a fulfilling life.
As a Somatic NLP practitioner, your story or ‘what you do’ is important to me and yet what I am mostly interested in is ‘how’ you do life. To help you identify and sort your inner parts, I integrate the sensitivities and knowledge of bodywork with the rapport, respect, confidentiality and dynamic tools of Somatic NLP to create an effective healing session for you that can help replace inner conflict with inner peace, supporting positive change in your life. I love this fold of my work. It is truly the deepest form of compassion I have ever felt and I am so happy to share it with you.

Neuro is: The brain

Linguistics are: The pictures, sounds, tastes and smells that the brain takes in as the “language” of every given experience (every waking moment). This ‘language’ sends a message to the brain that determines Positive, Negative or Neutral feelings.

Programming is: The sequence in which the brain will store the above described ‘language’. In the case of trauma or extreme negative feeling (hurt, loss, fear, anger, threat) the programming sequence is influenced by a “Flight, Fight or Freeze” impulse of the primal / subconscious brain.

We are made up of Parts…
The sequence/programming influences behavioral patterns that repeat themselves throughout your lifetime. These behavioral patterns become your “parts” and work loyally for you. Your parts usually have POSITIVE intentions (safety and survival), however, their methods may be sabotaging your life in more ways then one, including your relationships, emotional state, physical state, financial state and so many more ways.

An NLP Counselor helps the brain to change its’ program and therefore change behaviors while honoring the “whole you” along the way. Would you like to make way for a fresh program designed and empowered by the YOU TODAY, not the one stuck in the past or worried about the future? Perhaps Somatic NLP will be a great support for you.

Somatic NLP takes NLP to a new level, working with the mental/physical (somatic) connection. It is widely known that all emotional distress has a physical component. Somatic NLP facilitates a deep dialog to carry out an integrated healing process with counseling skill and healing touch.

Phone Sessions

NLP works over the phone so if you are far away, know that there is always that option. 

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