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Tonight I sat down at Three Forks -one of my favorite Nevada City Restaurants, with a wood fired pizza and a glass of Cabernet. It was finally time to stay on track and open my manuscript after a two year pause.

Conquering My Fears

I have to tell you a secret though. I was so scared to open it up! Technically, I wasn’t sure if I was going to find a big mess after a recent file conversion and emotionally, I’m struggling with negative self talk and I skipped my coaching session this week. Yes, us coaches get coached too!


The New Yorker in My Head

In order to finish this book, I have had to do a lot of reasoning with the sabotaging part of me.  This part is classic and likes to question myself at the most inconvenient times -like when I’m trying to finish my book! It’s always talking to me with a New York accent even though I don’t have one (think The Godfather) “Who d’ya think you are tryin’ to be -an authah? A book on Massage?”, It doubts myself. “You’re the queen of typos, ha!”, ” You’ll never find them awl so why even try?!” And it wants to distract me with thoughts of tropical paradise “A book? For reals? Come on, Wouldn’t ya rathah be paddle boarding in Hawaii?” On and on, questions, doubts and distractions flood in. Sometimes, what it takes to stay on track is to make sure yours is not the only voice in your head.

Writing for JOY

One of my favorite humans to have walked the earth is the writer Maya Angelou and I think of her mentoring words often “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  When I hear these words, I know the reason I am writing this book. For joy. There is no bigger joy I feel than in the joy of giving. I can viscerally feel the joy that will be coursing through my entire body when this book is readily available and accessible to all. I can feel the smile across my face and the warmth of heart.

The restaurant was starting to fill and from under my mask I sighed relief spying a less exposed table over in the quiet corner. I quickly paid and made my way over to it and the moment of truth.

So, what Makes This Book Stand Out?

Let me offer a little background and why I feel it’s so important for me to stay on track and finish this book. The over 200 page manuscript on my table is written on my bodywork approach, Dynamic Fascial Response™. It’s also a practical step-by-step guide on safe ways for massage therapists to offer deeper massage to pregnant clients.  It’s aim is to increase the number of quality sessions prenatal clients can find rather than the fluff that is often all that’s available. As a professional bodyworker, I wrote this book for my colleagues. I explain basic guidelines in which one can offer deep prenatal bodywork within a safe framework.

Contrary to popular assumption, pregnant clients are not fragile and don’t want fluff massages. Your pregnant clients are some of the strongest of your clientele. If you are a talented bodyworker, you most likely have no interest in oily, fluffy, superficial massage.

Because they don’t realize the potential of a dynamic pregnancy massage, bodyworkers either end up completely bored in a session or they refer their pregnant clients out because they assume that their deeper style of bodywork is not appropriate or safe. I remember having all of these thoughts myself before I learned structural bodywork for the pregnant client.

This common misconception is because the two-day pregnancy massage segment taught in a 500 or 700 hour program is just not a deep enough dive into one of the most fascinating anatomical challenges in the human form.

Inclusive Writing Style

There are a lot of great pregnancy massage books out there. Some reasons on why I need to stay on track is well, for one, mine stands alone as the first pregnancy massage book written in a non binary style. I pride myself on an all-inclusive practice and I wanted to extend that part of myself in writing a book that speaks to all gestating populations not only those who identify as she/her/moms and mothers. So, you will not find one reference to the cliche “happy mom / happy baby” in this book but you will find many happy clients and their happy babies in my world.

Intra Oral Release of Temporal Mandibular Joint Tension

Based on Experience

This book was inspired by my study and practice  of twenty years as a bodyworker, thirteen years working with prenatal clientele and eleven years as a somatic guide. In addition neck, hip, low back and rib pain which are all the more common ailments of pregnant clientele, I have added so much more to this book.  Staying on track with completing this book means I am adding a prenatal massage book to practitioners libraries with huge section on understanding fascia. A section on carpal tunnel addresses one of the most common complaints of my pregnant clients. There is a section on Intra-oral work for TMJD because when there is pelvic tension there is often also jaw tension. Releasing jaw tension is so often needed when setting the stage for successful natural childbirth. I have also added an important tool for intake; future pacing, a somatic tool that can help the effectiveness of your client’s session.


BONUS Scoliosis Section

A unique aspect of this pregnancy massage book is also found in the postpartum section of the book where a clever step by step bodywork session for postural alignment and balance is found.  In fact, I use these same steps for my scoliosis clients because it has been so effective for creating a sense of strength and helps with opening up posture. Because of this I added a scoliosis section to the book as a bonus. So I think you’re getting the picture that this is way more extensive of a book than just for prenatal massage.



I May Be Technically Challenged – BUT “I’m an Artist”

Being an intuitive visionary, my ideas needed to grow slowly and organically. I had to see it as I built it, so InDesign was the only program that made sense for me to use in writing this book that is full of how-to photos, step-by-step instruction, graphs and illustrations. The writers in my life warned me about writing the book in Adobe’s InDesign so I had no idea what to expect when printing it out today after converting it to word. Based on nightmare stories I heard, I was expecting Adobe and Microsoft to have made one big hot mess during the act of conversion.  So, back to my corner table where I’m about to open this manuscript… I took a sip of my Cab and opened her up. Between nervous bites of pizza, I turned pages in total disbelief. Surprisingly, every single page was formatted correctly. Every photo, illustration, page, text layout.  All of it transferred perfectly when I converted my InDesign document into a Word document. I’m so grateful that technology was ready for this BIG book and unique me! Ha!

Perfecting the Manuscript

Ah, but there is still some editing to be done…Finishing a book is the ultimate challenge! Let’s be honest, there are so many ways of getting concepts across in the English language right? My biggest desire is to deliver the message of this book with the beauty, magic and poetry that a career as a massage therapist holds and yet, I also want to be sensitive to my reader’s time. So again, I find myself rewriting with aim for a clear, to the point step-by-step manual and also a heartfelt book with a few personal stories woven into it. This book delivers my baby Dynamic Fascial Response™ to my colleagues along with ways to apply it to pregnancy massage. Owning it and having it on hand will leave any practitioner feeling confident and inspired in giving dynamic bodywork sessions to their prenatal and postpartum clientele.

I can’t wait to share this book with you. If you don’t want to wait, the binder format of this book is currently available on my website. It’s the book all of my students use for classes. I actually prefer it in a binder to a book because as a practitioner, you can read it hands-free while you practice.


If you’re interested in studying with a group of professionals and receiving awesome bodywork, take some time to grow your practice in a nurturing environment with me.  I’m in Nevada City, California and you can join us live or via zoom. I’m a dynamic, passionate instructor who both thinks out of the box and teaches at a healthy pace. But don’t take my word for it, read the reviews on my classes and DFR bodywork.

I will be teaching my classes this April 9, 10, 11, and 23, 24. If you choose, you can take the entire 5-Day course and walk away confidently certified in pregnancy massage and also certified in DFR.

If you prefer to take a few classes or a single class for few CEs and new skills you are welcome to take any class alla carte.

Book a DFR Session here.


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