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Take your Massage Practice to
the SUCCESS Level!

Learn advanced bodywork skill and add specialities
to your massage practice so that you can make a
more significant, lasting impact for your clients,
have more clients, be paid more, have a balanced
work schedule and sustain a healthy, happy,
balanced lifestyle.
This is True Success!

Don't make the common mistake of
charging less and working more.

That is a ticket for burnout!
Invest in growing your skills and you will create a thriving career!

I teach courses in Dynamic Fascial Response™ advanced bodywork
and help you to take your career to the next level,
the SUCCESS level!

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A 6-days Pregnancy Massage
Certification Retreat

Taking this course helps you Increase
Your Clientele,
Avoid Burnout and THRIVE!

This Course in Dynamic Fascial Response™
Will Teach Advanced Bodywork To
Professional Massage Therapists

This course is offered LIVE in
Nevada City, California

About Chula Linda Gemignani

Bodyworker, DFR Founder, Somatic NLP Practitioner

Chula Linda Gemignani is a bodyworker with 20 years of practice
and a pregnancy massage specialist since 2009. Her unique style
has sustained a thriving practice. She incorporates many modalities
and is widely known for her Dynamic Fascial Response massage
approach that she developed. In addition to massage, Chula is a
neuro linguistic, trauma-informed somatic guide. She is the author
of “A Dynamic Guide To Pregnancy Massage: Prenatal, Labor Support
and Postpartum Massage”.

Chula Gemignani is vetted and approved for providing Continued
Education Units by the National Certification Board For Therapeutic
Massage and Bodywork.

Students who receive a minimum 35 hours in DFR™ courses and
present recorded video proof via live zoom session OR instructor
approval of student’s proficiency of the material learned are free to
use the terminology Dynamic Fascial ResponseTM for their work and
will be listed on the DFR practitioner referral site.

Blog Updates

I got the approval! Dynamic Fascial Response®, the name of my bodywork method has just received it’s approved registered trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. I am celebrating! Things are really lining up for publishing my books …