Online Massage Courses in Dynamic Fascial Response™

Online Massage Courses in Dynamic Fascial Response™

✨It’s time to celebrate!✨

Online Courses in Dynamic Fascial Response™ are published!

Fortify your career for success and happiness.

I would never be where I am today without taking a hard look at what I am offering my clients and examining ways in which it could be better. My success comes down to my foundation and how grounded I am. From developing healthy lifestyles to updating our skills and knowledge, there are a few ways in which massage therapists can fortify the foundation from which we deliver our unique gifts to our clients. Our clients can feel our strength and they can also feel when we are overworked and unbalanced.

Fill your cup, learn new skills

Now, with my online classes you can add advanced bodywork in Dynamic Fascial Response™ onto your list of skills to implement for remarkable, life-changing sessions for your clients. Having advanced skills allows you to charge more because the results are of value. You can then work less because your now sustaining yourself with a decent income. Because you are working less, you will have time for self care and will make an even bigger impact for your clients for a cup that is full, not depleted. A big income does not mean being overworked and underpaid. Living that lifestyle can be very unhealthy. I am here to teach you amazing skills so that you can show up better for yourself
and your client.

It’s time to rethink how we do what we do.  Are you ready to dive in and learn some bodywork?

A  7 minute Introductory Class for only $10

Going to a site with a lot of courses can be overwhelming so let’s get you started with a quick 7 min video on how I approach carpal tunnel:

Following the steps in this quick tutorial will blow your clients minds!
Pin and stretch on the flexors and exstensors are what I’m talking about! 🤩
And then you are going to get a friend to take the course so they can do it on you because it is SOOOOO good! The more DFR practitioners the better…for ALL of us! 🤣

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