Pregnancy Massage Trainings 2023

Pregnancy Massage Certification

Pregnancy Massage Trainings 2023

Exciting news!

There are many options for taking the

Dynamic Fascial Response™ Pregnancy Massage Training in 2023

This course is designed by a professional for professionals. Again and again it has been reviewed to be the best CEU course that massage therapists have experienced! I am in deep gratitude and admiration to all of you for taking the time, investing in your careers and trusting my 20 years of wisdom! So many of us are scrolling free online tutorials these days that we forget how powerfully a LIVE course super charges our practice.  Live courses like this deep dive will take you and your career to the next level!

2023 is a big year for DFR™!  There is the spring training in April and we will also be including a winter course for later time zones so that no one misses out.  If these dates and times still don’t work for you then I hope you continue to stay subscribed as I always am offering valuable free content to my subscribers! I love to share knowledge and insights about bodywork and massage!

This week I am busy making pies for my family gathering but I wanted to take a moment to get these dates out to all of you so you can plan ahead as April’s course is almost full. I have two live, in-person spots and a 6 zoom spots left. Anyone who doesn’t get in on these next trainings will be placed on a waiting list for the next courses.

Sign up today to walk away with incredible fascial unwinding skills that will blow your clients’ minds and pregnancy massage skills that will leave you feeling confident and solid in your career!

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to receive this weeks’ gratitude gift.

6-Day Pregnancy Massage Training:

April’s Training will be amazing!

April 1, 2, 3, 8 , 9, (9am-6pm), April 10th 10am-12pm

(The 10th is a two hour day. All other days are 8 hours)


10 Day Pregnancy Massage Training:


This will be a TEN DAY zoom course on Every Monday Starting January 9, 2023.

Dates and times for the winter course are as follows:

January 9, 16, 23, 30 9am-1pm PDT Fundamentals, Side-lying, Semi Reclined

February 6, 13, 20, 27 9am-1pm PDT Semi Reclined, Birth support

March 6, 13, 9am-1PM PDT Postpartum, Scoliosis, Review

March 14 EXAM 9am-11 PDT

A gratitude gift for you:

My gift to you on this week of giving thanks is an invitation.

The indigenous peoples of this country were badly treated and many have been left without their lands. For the Indigenous Peoples in America, Thanksgiving can represent a day of mourning, remembering the genocide of their people, their lost lands and continued racism and oppression. Some indigenous people share a family meal and prayers and others will protest and some fast.

In support of our indigenous peoples, I invite you to place a land acknowledgement somewhere on your website or on your social media this week. A land acknowledgement is a statement that recognizes the history and presence of Indigenous peoples and their enduring relationship to their traditional homelands. Land acknowledgements help create awareness of the cultural erasure of Indigenous peoples.

What Native American Tribe’s land are you doing business on?

To find out who’s land you are doing business on you can go to
this website.

the website home page of showing a map of the world's indegenous territorries

Type in your city, state and country in the search bar to acknowledge your local tribe.

Usually, you can find the Tribal spokesperson via a website or your local government office and ask them for the specific land acknowledgement which they ask people to use so you can be sure it is in the words they chose before posting.

The Nisenan Rancheria land acknowledgement with a river scene in back ground

I live and do business on Nisenan Territory and this is the land acknowledgement for my local tribe.  I am not Nisenan, I am an ally supporting their efforts.

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