Relationship between the Jaw, Pelvic Floor and TMJD

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Relationship between the Jaw, Pelvic Floor and TMJD

The Fascial Relationship Between the Jaw, Pelvis and TMJD

Have you ever heard that the pelvis and the jaw are related? Well, it’s true!

students performing intraoral dfr bodyworkI just taught my IntraOral course for TMJD and we had a blast learning non-invasive ways of entering the jaw at a pace that allows for deep release of jaw tension. My students give a big thumbs up to this profound bodywork and deep release. If you have jaw tension, definitely seek out a DFR practitioner!

In DFR courses, I don’t teach specific fascial maps. Tom Myers has done that for us! If you’re a massage therapist and don’t have Anatomy Trains, get it! It gives us such great insight on the fascia! I teach ways of working with the fascia to help repattern the body with incredible bodywork while calming the nervous system with relaxing massage.

Back to the Jaw…

The connection between the jaw and pelvis begins during embryological development. The oropharyngeal membrane forms the mouth and the cloacal membrane forms the openings of the urinary, reproductive, and digestive tracts. The two membranes remain connected, and the spine later grows between them. The connection is called the Deep Frontal Line which is a fascial line that connects the muscles in the jaw and neck to the muscles in the pelvis. If there are restrictions in this line there can be tight jaw and/or tension in the pelvis. Fascial restrictions can happen in several ways, some being developmental (ie. scoliosis), through injury, repetitive stress or trauma. It is common for pregnant clients to have jaw tension and TMJD. Releasing the jaw for general relief or in preparation for birth is a great practice!

In a Dynamic Fascial Response TMJD session, I incorporate the “Umbrella Breath” is because it invites the practitioner’s finger deeper into the “pterygoid pocket”. This breathing meditation approach is respectful to the client body and releases the pelvic floor muscles and can also help to release jaw tension. There is nothing worse than having fast-paced jaw work! It is invasive and hurts! Dynamic Fascial Response™ jaw work may result is strong sensations and may be intense but we move slower than a snail! It is tolerable and you clients with jaw tension will love you for adding these skills under your belt. I will teach you the umbrella breath so you can have the body invite you in rather then take the lead.  This is crucial in jaw work which can be such a vulnerable experience.

students practicing intraoralMy online course will be available soon! Take the course and always practice on yourself, palpating the pterygoid pocket before practicing on a human. You can schedule private coaching sessions with me or join my group coaching sessions when they are offered.

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Instructor, Chula with Pregnant client

Chula Linda Gemignani is located in Nevada City, CA She is a bodyworker with 20 years of practice and has been a pregnancy massage specialist since 2009. Her unique style has sustained a thriving practice. She incorporates many modalities and is widely known for her Dynamic Fascial ResponseTM massage approach that she developed. In addition to massage, Chula is a neuro linguistic, trauma-informed somatic guide. She is the author of “A Dynamic Guide To Pregnancy Massage: Prenatal, Labor Support and Postpartum Massage”

Chula Gemignani is a massage instructor, vetted and approved for providing Continued Education Units by the National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

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