Fascia was never spoken about when I first started as a massage therapist and now its the talk of the town. It’s high fashion in the world of bodywork; to know about it, map it, dissect it, work with it, unwind it, iron it out, blast it, roll it…

This is the thing: and it’s the thing I love MOST about fascia. It’s allusive and chaotic and every time we practitioners grasp onto a definition it changes once again as they discover more about this fascinating organ. It’s sovereignty leaves me upright, at attention and inspired -on the edge of my massage stool.

The following quote is out of my favorite reframe, by the Italians, of what we once thought was a sheath covering muscles and then thought it was dividable into layers and then saw that it interpenetrated muscle, bone organs and now. I keep running across articles by these guys and each one is like the best Italian meal; to be savored….

“The fascial continuum is like a flock of birds flying together without a predetermined logic and maintaining their individuality at the same time”

#fascia #dynamicfascialresponse

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