How Dynamic Fascial Response got it’s name…

How Dynamic Fascial Response got it’s name…

I got the approval!

Dynamic Fascial Response®, the name of my bodywork method has just received it’s approved registered trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. I am celebrating! Things are really lining up for publishing my books on massage and bodywork!

Why did I want to register the name? Because this is my baby -plain and simple. I spent 20 years developing what I do and I am not just throwing it out to the universe haphazardly.

For years, clients told me time and time again that I need to teach other massage therapists what I do. When I first started to get this feedback about my method I felt protective. I admit that I was coveting what I thought was valuable -a power play that we are all susceptible to. It is only our individual choices that can begin to redefine and re-pattern this kind of capitalistic mindset. Originally, I did not know that my style was something I was ready to pass on to others and yet my happy place, my joy does comes from sharing.

In 2015, I got clear that I wanted to move away from power and towards empowering and I was finally ready to share my method with other professionals. Once I got out of a limited mindset, I realized that there are ways to generously share what I do while still holding it in an integrous container. A win win.

So, I spent two years working it out in my head and heart and then a year putting it all down on paper in teaching manuals. What a wonderful challenge it was, putting into words what I had been doing physically and intuitively for years!

Once I developed my methodology, philosophy and principles, I needed to present it in a way that felt contained -I needed a name.


“Dynamic” came up instantly. What differentiates my bodywork from others is its dynamic quality. The work that I do with the client to open range of motion or to help engage their core is truly dynamic. I do this so that someone who has thrown out their back and comes in for relief walks away with bodywork but also with a stabilized body so that the pain relief has a better chance of lasting.

Ventral Unwinding Somatic Bodywork

“Fascial” was also an obvious choice for me. The map I see has always been beyond the individual muscles. “ Fascia” would imply that I work only with fascia and my work goes deeper in form, “Fascial” implies an approach following an implied map that includes the connective tissue, muscles, lymph, nerves and bone that the fascia covers, moves through and interpenetrates. In my intuitive map, it also include the emotions that get held in the body.

“Response” Ah now this was a word that did not come easily. Most people use the term “release” in their methods of all sorts. But I never felt like it was as simple as “releasing” anything. With exquisite bodywork and massage, the magic of release is in the dialog that is happening between practitioner and client body. I realized that what I was doing is a “call and response”. This is why I choose the word response to describe what is happening throughout my method.

As such, I named it and until today have used the ™ symbol initially as a symbol one uses for name claim but ™ is not official. So, I registered it last year and a year later, I have an official, registered trademark!

As far as spreading this work to all massage therapists, all of my courses are now sold world wide online and soon there will be ebooks available so it will be accessible to any English speaking person in the world. I will work on translations next.

The steps I have taken over the years to share Dynamic Fascial Response® with integrity, love and care are numerous and worth taking a moment to reflect on and celebrate.

Step by step this is what I have accomplished for DFR…

Defined as my work
Named and registered Dynamic Fascial Response®
Designed a logo

Created a culture
Composed the DFR Principles

Defined what is behind what I do
Composited the DFR Philosophy

Described the modalities I use
Composited the elements that make up the DFR Methodology

Designed a curriculum
Created a curriculum for students to earn CEUs while learning advanced bodywork and/or pregnancy massage

Designed a DFR certification process
Students can hold a second certification in Dynamic Fascial Response®

Wrote DFR manuals
Have written over 200 pages of manuals which is soon to be published!

Continue to teach live DFR courses
Have created five, ongoing live courses (See courses in May!)

Continue to create DFR online content
Have created a full online course library available to anyone within the internet

Offer CEUs
Am a provider of CEUs from NCBTMB. Live and home study CEU courses are approved!

Created DFR Community
Created a “Find a DFR Practitioner Near You” online listing page for interested students.
Created a way for practitioners to subscribe for access to my newsletter and discounts on courses.
Created an Instagram and Facebook Community

Continue to Offer Valuable Content:
The DFR Newsletter
Youtube Channel

Thank you for celebrating with me and I hope to begin a DFR teacher’s training soon.

Stay tuned!


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