Pregnancy Massage Course in DFR™

instructor with prenatal client

Pregnancy Massage Course in DFR™

Join this next DFR™ Pregnancy Massage Course

November 17-21, 2021

I am SO excited to start teaching this 5-Day Pregnancy Massage Course in DFR™ bodywork again! My last class was in 2019! Can you guess why? / : Yeah, it’s been rough but we are coming out of this -or adjusting anyways. All I can say is, I miss getting together around an inspiring curriculum with other professionals. So, I will be teaching these courses both LIVE and via ZOOM. If you need inspiration and want some useful, practical certificates to be proud of – this is your opportunity to join the DFR community!

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This 5-Day Pregnancy massage class includes prenatal and postpartum bodywork as well as birth induction acupressure, and birth support.

Dynamic Fascial Response™ is an inspiring approach to bodywork that I developed and teach. DFR™ practice is from a structural perspective, zooming out our lenses to include the fascia. When you read the map of your client I’m sure you are seeing far more than just muscles and bones. DFR™ will help you to see the map and teach you how can you incorporate that map into an awesome session, for your client AND for you -that produces lasting improvements for your clientele?

Below is the DFR™ book we follow for our Pregnancy Massage Course, some photos of class and a video which include some student testimonials.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to super charge your practice! Sign up today!

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Note: Photos and video were taken pre-covid. Don’t worry, everyone will present negative tested and mask up in our next courses unless health department protocols change for healthcare practitioners.

Here is the DFR™ book we will be following.

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