Successful Intake for Massage Therapy

Successful Intake for Massage Therapy

Client and massage therapists sitting in chairs in rapport at intake

Successful intake for massage therapy is powerful and it is not limited to a massage therapist assessing their clients body and every move while taking notes. Have you ever heard of Neuro Liguistic Programming?  It’s the way in which our brain is taking in information in every given moment.  It takes it in through what we see, smell, taste and hear (this includes self talk). The brain is all-powerful and why coaching with neuroscience is all the rage now. Well, the brain also plays a strong roll in the success of our sessions and our communications. If your client’s brain feels safe with you, that is a successful intake.  I’m going to share with you just how to do this so your sessions rock!


Your successful session begins at intake

I’m a certified Somatic NLP coach (since 2011) and have discovered that incorporating NLP skills into my massage intake builds harmonious accord with my client and lasting results from the massage session! Everyone raves about DFR bodywork. Yes, it’s truly awesome AND I have to admit that the results my clients get have a lot to do with the rapport skills and future pacing I practice at intake. My students love NLP.
I drop bits of it here and there throughout my massage courses because I love it and it works!

When flight, fight, freeze or fawn is at bay and we feel safe, that unlocks our full potential.

In this 20 min. video, I share the four steps to a successful intake and assessment for any massage therapist to incorporate into their practice. It includes a helpful, brief assessment of the pregnant body.

  • Step 1: NLP Rapport Skills: Build harmonious accord and trust through these profound yet simple communication skills.
  • Step 2: NLP Eliciting a Desired State Help your client access what it is that they REALLY want.
  • Step 3: NLP Future Pacing: Guide your client to embody their healing results before your session even starts.
  • Step 4: Assessment : What to look for when assessing the pregnant body


This course is a sneak peak into Chula’s mindset and her joy of teaching and sharing skills with other massage therapists. If you are interested in her classes, don’t miss her  training in October! This is a DOUBLE certification in Dynamic Fascial Response™ bodywork and a pregnancy massage certification (42 CEUs)

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