The Benefits and Rewards Of Prenatal Massage Therapy

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The Benefits and Rewards Of Prenatal Massage Therapy

The Wins of a Career in Prenatal Massage Therapy

I absolutely love being a pregnancy massage specialist.  Learning prenatal massage therapy took my skills to a way higher level. Side-lying techniques gave me way better results in resolving low back and hip issues for all of my clients not just pregnant. Postpartum postural issues gave me so much incite on how I approach the various ailments my scoliosis clients have. When I review the list of prenatal massage health benefits (below) I can picture all that I am offering my clients and the babies growing inside of them.

Are you referring pregnant clients out to other massage therapists?

All the time, I hear massage therapists say “I don’t do prenatal, I’m a sports massage therapist”  or “My work is to deep for prenatal”  I understand if you feel the need to refer pregnant clients to other therapists but hear me out before you lose any more clients or income. Pregnant clients love good bodywork and it’s very hard to find.  If you are an already talented bodyworker, getting a solid reputation built up as a prenatal massage therapist won’t take long at all.

The market for prenatal bodyworkers is wide open

I see the demand whenever someone on Facebook posts that they’re looking for a prenatal massage therapist and my name pops up several times in the comment feed of recommendations. I believe this is because I am known as bodyworker who offers a pregnancy massage -a session with a bodyworker is way more of a healing event then your common prenatal massage. I work on athletes, elders, youth, medical professionals, prenatal, postpartum -my clientele is wide ranging because my approach to massage, Dynamic Fascial Response™ produces excellent, long lasting results.

Your loyal client trusts you with their body.

Before I was properly trained and felt confident in prenatal bodywork, I used to have to refer my clients out to other massage therapists so I get it if you are doing the same.  I am SO happy that I had the notion to change that! I mean, sending them off was a total bummer for both of us.  For them, because they loved my work and trusted me with their bodies.  They didn’t want to go to anyone else.  They preferred the deep quality of my bodywork to the superficially light, oily massage offered to prenatal clients. “Fluffy” massages may be relaxing but the pain relief doesn’t last five step out of the office.

The price we pay when send our clients away

I hated to see them go. The clients I referred out were loyal regulars and a part of my circle of quality patrons. In addition, the revenue their patronage brought in was significantly helping with my monthly expenses. The tip money is also very much missed when I lose a client. I often spend tips on my self care and vacation funds. Every time I had to turn away a pregnant client, I would feel the impact! I don’t know about you, but I like steady income. I like to look at my schedule on Sundays to see that my upcoming week is fully booked. The last thing I want to think about on a Sunday is how I am going to be filling my week when I could be going for a hike or blogging in my pajamas 🙂

Thinking out of the box

What if you could be a bodyworker and still offer excellent pregnancy massage? I’m talking about offering quality bodywork that lasts, while not feeling awkward or unsure but actually enjoying super dynamic sessions?

Have you ever considered getting certified in pregnancy massage? In my class it only takes a day to  learn pregnancy conditions and when (and if) you need a medical release, special positioning, all of the foundational basics. Then we have four days to dive into some inspiring step by step demonstrations and practice for sessions that produce lasting results for all clientele not only prenatal.

I wrote a book, A Dynamic Guide to Pregnancy Massage.  I wrote it for my colleagues who love bodywoprk and want to be more secure in offering it to pregnant clientele. It is a substantial book and incredible resource you can always reach for if you forget any of what you learned in class.

As a Prenatal Massage Therapist, you will have the rewarding experience of facilitating the following health benefits to pregnant clients.  I encourage you to sign up for my pregnancy massage certification.  If all you had was a couple of CEUs in school I guarantee you that is why you are referring out.  You will learn so much in my course PLUS you will learn an incredibly effective bodywork approach that I have developed in over twenty years of practice, Dynamic Fascial Response .

I hope this list inspires you to open up to the endless opportunities that your boundless career as a massage therapist holds.

Sending you peace from a wonderfully relaxing, pajama filled Sunday,


Health Benefits of Prenatal Massage

• Regular massage maintains healthy circulation throughout pregnancy.
• Promotes relaxation, lowers cortisol, stress and anxiety and promotes a good sleep.
• A healthy inner environment for baby to grow in.
• Body awareness, mobility, flexibility and preparedness for birth.
• Offers the pregnant client a listening ear to voice any concerns or emotions.
• Addresses and treats deeper physiological responses to the stages of pregnancy (Digestion, breathing, high blood pressure, blood and lymph circulation).
• Prepares the pregnant client’s somatic syncing of body and mind for an easier birth.
• Addresses and solves bodily pain and tension.
• Reduces ligament strain.
• Opens the thoracic lumbar and ribs, allowing for deeper and easier breathing.
• Helps musculoskeletal structural alignment and integration throughout pregnancy, during birth and postpartum.
• Strengthens posture.
• Prenatal and postpartum massage grows a peaceful, touch-based core understanding of connection that can travel from massage therapist to client and then from client to baby.
• Reduces swelling and cramping.
• Carpal tunnel symptoms.
• Pain, in back, sciatica, ribs, neck, shoulder and jaw tension.
• Stretch marks.
• A labor induction session can help avoid artificial induction.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column border_color=”#b383e2″][mk_subscribe list_id=”0b4aaf0b54″ optin=”true” gdpr_consent_text=”I consent to Dynamic Fascial Response collecting my email for their newsletter through this form” corner_radius=”15″ btn_bg_color=”#560056″ btn_text_color=”#ffffff” input_bg_color=”” input_border_color=”#870080″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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