Prenatal Massage – 90 Min Session

Prenatal Massage – 90 Min Session




Labor Stimulation

Relax and restore as your body integrates the various stages of pregnancy during a 90 minute session. A pregnancy massage specialist carries expertise to support you and your baby safely in your prenatal journey. If you like, the bodyworker can also stimulate a slow labor, attend your birth and serve in a supporting role postpartum. As an instructor of all three stages of pregnancy massage, Chula believes that pregnant clients would be wise to seek out a specialist who understands pregnancy conditions, contraindications, correct positioning as well emotional stages the client might be experiencing throughout pregnancy.


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

  • Maintaining regular prenatal care will help the circulation remain healthy throughout pregnancy.
  • Promotes relaxation, lowers cortisol, stress and anxiety and promotes a good sleep.
    Promotes a healthy inner environment for the client to grow a baby in.
  • Promotes body awareness, mobility, flexibility and preparedness to birth the baby.
  • Offers the client a listening ear to voice any concerns or emotions.
    Addresses and treats deeper physiological responses to the stages pregnancy (Digestion, breathing, high blood pressure, blood and lymph circulation).
  • Prepares the client’s somatic syncing of body and mind for an easier birth.
  • Addresses and solves bodily pain and tension.
  • Reduces ligament strain.
  • Opens the thoracic lumber and ribs, allowing for deeper and easier breathing.
  • Helps musculoskeletal structural alignment and integration throughout pregnancy, during birth and postpartum.
  • Strengthens posture.
  • Prenatal and Postpartum massage grows a peaceful, touch-based core understanding of connection that can travel from massage therapist to client/mom and then from client/mom to baby.
  • Reduces swelling and cramping.
  • Reduces carpal tunnel symptoms.
  • Reduces back pain, sciatica, ribs out, neck, shoulder and jaw tension.
  • Reduces stretch marks.

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