Trauma Rewrite

Trauma Rewrite




We cannot change what has happened in our lives but with Somatic NLP we are able to change our own experience of it.

In a trauma rewrite session with me, we change your experience of what has happened by rewiring your subconscious.  Through this safe, guided process, you can release the anchor of any trauma that slows you down or stops you all together and you will begin to move more freely through life.

Trauma healing sessions with Chula Gemignani are profound change experiences.  Chula trained at NLP Marin with Carl Buchheit and uses Somatic NLP (Somatic Neuro Linguisitic Programing). In these safe sessions you will be led in dialog and following guided visualizations.

A trauma rewrite will move/heal your stuck trauma and open new neural pathways so you can step out of the exhaustive old stories which are holding you back and step into the empowerment and energy of new visions, goals and accomplishments you may never thought were possible.

Session is approximately 2 hours. Wear comfortable clothing and it is usually best but not mandatory to clear your schedule after a session so you can dedicate some time to integration.

Note: This is not a replacement for medical care or therapy

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