Somatic Healing Experience – The Alchemy

Somatic Healing Experience – The Alchemy




You Are Your Own Alchemist

If you are ready to not be held back by your defense responses, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. You will take two parts of yourself that are working against each other and become an alchemist of your own very own design. As a result, where there was conflict, there will be peace. Where there were obstacles, ease.

The Theory Behind Somatic Healing is that the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are all related and connected to each other. When we experience trauma (large or small), the memory of that trauma is not soley stored in the brain. It is embodied.
My somatic healing sessions combine talk therapy, visualization meditation and some touch to unwind the roots of some of your oldest trauma and as a result this will allow for a thriving self transformation experience.  You need no goal or plan to work with me. My job is to help you reveal what it is you really want and help you to move forward with ease.

The Alchemy is a somatic healing journey towards self actualizing. I will safely facilitate a deep state where we dialog with your conflicting parts and create a “new and improved” part that will help you on your life journey forward feeling lighter and more fluid.

My guidance will take you on a safe [2 hour+] journey, getting to know your conflicting parts and having them understand each other. We will discover where they live in your body, what they want for you and what the original contract was. Under the roof of my practice, all parts get to stay because all parts have a positive intention for you. You are wanting to get unstuck because their old methods [fixed behavioral patterns] aren’t working for you any longer. Their positive intention and their methods are two different things.

Example of conflicting parts:

A part of you really want more lasting relationships whereas, another part ends up pushing people away after they get close therefore relationships a re a challenge.

You want to be in control yet often lose yourself in relationships and so as a result you seclude yourself.

You really want to change careers, on the other hand another part of you feels afraid of change and in conclusion your life feels stagnant.

A lifestyle change sounds like exactly what you need for your health and happiness however, another part of you is angry and says ‘screw the system and its fat shamers’ and to sum it up you never start that cool program you’ve been eyeing!

A part of you feels bliss and trust in your relationship another part suffers from anxiety that it will end.

A few examples of ways your defense and some responses of how it might show itself…

Flight (disembodied,dissociative, running away, pushing people away, chronically busy)

Fight (creating conflict, drive for perfection, power, control and exhausted from staying ahead of and possible threat or pain)

Freeze (stagnancy, mute, isolating, mistrusting)

Fawn (people pleasing, putting your own needs aside, avoidance)

The way that The Alchemy somatic healing session differs from The Remembrance is that The Alchemy works with two conflicting parts whereas The Remembrance works with one part (fixed behavioral pattern).

You can schedule a somatic healing session today by going to my Online Calendar and scheduling a 1pm or 5pm session. Let me know in the notes that we are doing a somatic session.

Are you unsure if this is a fit for you? Lets make sure with a free phone consult. Email me to inquire.  Write “Somatic Healing” in the subject line. Email:

NOTE: Somatic healing sessions are a clothing-on, dialog process and may have some touch. This is not a massage and includes very little (if any) hands on work. Most importantly, without distractions of touch, you will be certain to feel the depth of this profound change work and I will be able to track the details as it unfolds.

I am so looking forward to this journey together!

Sign up to day and I will praise you with $20.00 off your first powerful change work session with me!

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About Chula:

Chula has been a somatic guide for ten years. She continues to help her clients reshape their lives and heal their past. She is a certified NLP Practitioner with approximately 200 hours of training and ten years of experience.  Chula is a CMT with 20 years of experience, an author and an instructor.

How do you describe inside-out, outside-in healing? Chula is a gift to the body, the psyche and the soul.

“She’s had me do deep internal body awareness work [as a result] I [found] out how I grew so defensive and fearless, and where those reactions are in my body. These are ideas I’ve read about in Eckhart Tolle, but they came to life with Chula.”

“I’ve seen therapists before, sometimes with good success, but it’s usually a very slow process and it often feels supportive but not life-changing. Somatic healing with Chula [results are] fast, deep and the change is lasting. It’s like two years of therapy in two hours.”

“I have participated in many intentional psychedelic journeys for healing and nothing has compared to the healing journey you took me on.”

“I have gone to Chula for both body work and for somatic therapy with amazing outcomes.
Chula’s massage therapy is absolutely fantastic. I also went through a session of her therapeutic somatic work called “The Remembrance.” In one session, I was able to confront and permanently release some anxieties and insecurities that I have been carrying since childhood. I am eternally grateful to Chula for her body work and somatic therapy, and I cannot recommend her more!!”


Note: This is not a replacement for medical care or therapy

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