Somatic Healing Experience – The Remembrance

Somatic Healing Experience – The Remembrance




If you are finally ready to feel unstuck and lighter in your life then I invite you to stop pushing away the parts of yourself that you don’t like or want and look at them up close with somatic healing. With my guidance, you will feel a significant shift and heal even the oldest emotional wounds.  You will be able to move forward with a sense of peace, strength and fluidity. Your family, colleagues, community will feel your renewed sense of presence.

Life obstacles are often caused by
your fixed behavioral patterns
using their old ways to take care of you.


The Theory Behind Somatic Healing is that the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are all related and connected to each other. When we experience trauma (large or small), the memory of that trauma is not soley stored in the brain. It is embodied.

My somatic healing sessions combine talk therapy, visualization meditation and some touch to unwind the roots of some of your oldest trauma and as a result this will allow for a thriving self transformation experience.  You need no goal or plan in order to work with me. My job is to help you reveal what it is you really want and help you to move forward with ease.

In The Remembrance I will take you on a [two hour+] somatic healing journey inward into the youngest version of yourself that put some of these patterns to work. We will find out where they have nested in your body and unwind the ways in which they are no longer serving you. You will discover a resourced and renewed sense of self. These sessions are held in office. Phone and zoom sessions are also available.

The Remembrance is a safe method to self actualizing and healing.  It is the deepest form of compassion you may ever feel for yourself. It also uses a process called NLP that is powerful change work.

No part ever gets fired or pushed away in somatic healing. Pushing away your parts makes them feel threatened and will only encourage them to panic. As a result, they will dig in and work from the shadows, sabotaging your scene again and again. Sound familiar?

Under the roof of my practice, all parts get to stay because all parts have a positive intention for you. You are wanting to get unstuck because their old methods [fixed behavioral patterns] aren’t working for you any longer. In The Remembrance, we will acknowledge the past and all of the reasons why these parts came on the job for you. Then we will update their methods so they can still take care of you but imagine a life where they are not tripping you up or holding you back.

The way that The Remembrance somatic healing session differs from The Alchemy is that The Remembrance works with one part (your fixed behavioral pattern) whereas The Alchemy works with two conflicting parts.

You can schedule a somatic healing session today by going to my Online Calendar and scheduling a 1pm or 5pm session. Let me know in the notes that we are doing a somatic session.

Are you unsure if this is a fit for you? Lets make sure with a free phone consult. Email me to inquire.  Write “Somatic Healing” in the subject line. Email:

NOTE: Somatic healing sessions are a clothing-on, dialog process and may have some touch but this is not a massage and includes very little (if any) hands on work because it would be a distraction to the process and the depth of this profound change work.

I am so looking forward to this journey together!

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Chula has been a somatic guide for ten years and has helped many clients reshape their lives and heal their past. She is a certified NLP Practitioner with approximately 200 hours of training, 10 years as an NLP practitioner and a CMT with 20 years of experience. She is also an author and an instructor.

How do you describe inside-out, outside-in healing? Chula is a gift to the body, the psyche and the soul.

“She’s had me do deep internal body awareness work where I find out how I grew so defensive and fearless, and where those reactions are in my body. These are ideas I’ve read about in Eckhart Tolle, but they came to life with Chula.”

“I’ve seen therapists before, sometimes with good success, but it’s usually a very slow process and it often feels supportive but not life-changing. Somatic healing with Chula is fast, deep and the change is lasting. It’s like two years of therapy in two hours”

“I have gone to Chula for both body work and for somatic therapy with amazing outcomes.
Chula’s massage therapy is absolutely fantastic. I also went through a session of her therapeutic somatic work called “The Remembrance.” In one session, I was able to confront and permanently release some anxieties and insecurities that I have been carrying since childhood. I am eternally grateful to Chula for her body work and somatic therapy, and I cannot recommend her more!!”

“I have participated in many intentional psychedelic journeys for healing and nothing has compared to the healing journey you took me on”


Note: This is not a replacement for medical care or therapy

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